Jaybird Running Program

Introduction & Rationale


Program Introduction

This six week program is designed to improve overall running fitness by increasing your top end speed, endurance, running economy and both physical and metal stamina. The program also covers drills on how to effectively warm up for your training, warm up for your race and also provides a number of cool down stretches. All aiding to reduce your risk of injury and to improve mobility.

Ensure you personalise the program to suit your current conditioning and to not drastically increase your training volume to high too quickly. It’s very common for most runners to injure themselves in the lead up to their event. Feel free to progressively increase volume (number of sessions/total kilometers covered) and intensity (speed/effort) from week to week.

The program prescribes a total of four sessions over a seven day cycle. However, if you feel that you a) don’t have the time or b) it’s too much of an increase compared to your previous training history, then feel free to divide all four session within a 10 day cycle.

Program Rationale

It's important to know the 'why' behind anything that you do. This video gives clear insight to my thinking behind the importance of this program before your next running event.