Jaybird Running Program

Training Session 1


Objective: Improve Your Speed

SPEED – to increase your top end speed requires more than simply increasing your running frequency, but rather specifically increase your intensity. This is achieved by running faster than race speed for shorter efforts.  

This can be achieved through intervals that surpass your lactate threshold which will force you to require short rests in between each effort to replenish the body only enough to be able to repeat the next effort.

Follow the tips below to make this session as specific to your current fitness level and what running pace that you desire on race day.

  1. It’s important to know what is your current 5km, 10km or 21km time/pace per km and what average pace do you need for you to achieve your desired race time?
  2. Use pace calculator to get a close estimate to your current pace and what pace you’ll require on race day.
  3. Begin your intervals at an 8/10 effort, leaving some gas in the tank to repeat equal effort for remaining intervals.
  4. Aim for only 2 minutes rest between efforts.

Example: Week 1

  • 4 x 1km efforts, with 2min rest between each effort or
  • 8 x 400m efforts, resting double the time it takes to run each 400m effort.

Example: Week 6

  • 4-6x 1km efforts, with 2min rest between each effort or
  • 4-78-12 x 400m efforts.
  • Focus on maintaining the same pace from first to last interval.

Speed Training Video

For our more visual racers, I went ahead and shot a video that outlines how you can increase your speed for City2Surf and beyond.