Jaybird Running Program

Warming Up Your Body


Warming Up for Training

Correctly warming up prior to your training is imperative to your training and running success!

Our objective is to raise your core temperature, isolate specific muscles and soft tissue that bare the brunt from your running, and to articulate your joints through various movements to develop the needed mobility for best performance.

This video captures a comprehensive warm up, however, if you're short on time, simply focus on your 'problematic' and/or 'tight' areas.

Warming Up on Race Day

On race day, our adrenaline can hinder our running effectiveness both physically and mentally. That’s why I developed a few extra protocols to help ease the nerves and switch the body and mind to race mode.

Flexibility Training

Runners are renowned to injure themselves within their training before they even step to the starting line. As you progress through the program, it's important to give back to your body with sufficient sleep, rest, nutritious food, remain hydrated and to ensure that your body is moving well.

Reducing imbalances within our body will aid in better performance and assist in preventing risk of injury. In this video is shows my go to flows that I've been perfecting for years. You don't necessarily need all of them; focus on your difficult spots.

Remember not stretch more than a 7/10 effort.